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The 3D Dialogues identifies a key social issue that we simply aren’t talking enough about and brings together participants from the social, corporate and public sector to kick-start the conversation. We design for better conversations on the social issue through in-depth research with expert stakeholders and using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® technique as the main facilitation method. In a little over 4 hours, our team will help foster meaningful dialogue between three key sectors to create a starting point to address the social issue focus.

Upcoming Event / 31 Aug 2019 / #metoo

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Founded in 2006 by civil rights activist, Tarana Burke, the #metoo movement began to support survivors of sexual violence. It began to spread virally in 2017 as a hashtag on social media in response to the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations and has since developed into a movement against sexual assualt and harassment, especially in the workplace and a call for victims to speak out. The recent case of NUS student Monica Baey has put the issue of sexual harrasment into focus for Singapore, we ask companies, social organisations and the public sector to sit down and ask, what does the #metoo movement mean in the Singapore context?

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Interested in taking part? We curate the participants at our 3D Dialogues to ensure there is the right representation of individuals, organisations and sectors taking part. If you’re keen to take part in our upcoming dialogue, please apply below.

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The Facilitation Method

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The 3D Dialogues are facilitated using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method helping the participants to see the social issue clearly from different perspectives and trigger ideas to address them. It is based on the principle that we think with our hands and make smarter decisions based on things we can see.

All our 3D Dialogues are conducted with a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified facilitator.







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