The Brick by Brick Programme

At Be An Idea, we recognise that communities thrive in different ways. In 2018, we launched our corporate social responsibility programme, Brick by Brick, to provide a platform to actively build stronger communities to face today’s pressing social issues. This initiative drives positive social change by encouraging our employees, partners and clients to participate in fundraising, volunteering and educational opportunities.


Brick by Brick has four cornerstone initiatives – The Brick Expeditions, the Yellow Brick Runners, the Brick Exchange, and lastly, the 3D Dialogues.


The Brick Expeditions

Every six months, Be An Idea aims to send a volunteer team to physically support infrastructure projects in economically disadvantaged communities. This helps build stronger communities by ensuring that local communities have basic access to housing, sanitation, and education. The Brick Expeditions are funded by the generosity of our corporate clients who agree to donate 2% of their Be An Idea project fees with us to support the build expeditions.

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The Brick Exchange

The Brick Exchange is a simple programme where we ask people to donate their old LEGO® bricks and sets that they no longer need. The public can either deposit their unwanted bricks at our offices or arrange for collection from their homes. After we sort and process these bricks, we gift them to underfunded schools, special needs programmes and disadvantaged families. The donated bricks are used to provide important educational and developmental play opportunities to those who could not otherwise afford it.

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The Yellow Brick Runners

The Yellow Brick Runners are a team of runners made up of Be An Idea staff and supporters who participate in the annual Yellow Ribbon Prison Run. The aim is to raise awareness and funds to support the reintegration of ex-offenders back into society and to assist their families during the incarceration period. As well as giving people a second chance for a different life, reducing recidivism also leads to a stronger and more stable community.

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The 3D Dialogues

The 3D Dialogues aim to foster tripartite collaboration between the public, the private and the social sector by providing regular dialogue sessions around the current most pressing social issues. Carefully curated participants are invited to an evening session where they can offer their own perspectives on the selected social issue as well as benefit from hearing the perspective of others in a well-informed and safe environment. The session is facilitated by a volunteer Certified Facilitator trained in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.   

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