Who we work with

We believe that a brand strategy is a powerful thing. A strong brand changes behaviour and reinforces values regardless of sector, whether is public, corporate or social. A powerful brand can have the power to help communities thrive or die. We choose to work only with people who aim to help communities thrive by adding positive value because we want our Dynamic Brand Strategy solution to be used responsibly.


We aim to hold our team, our work and even our clients up to this standard by delivering meaningful brand strategies.



Public sector organisations using the Dynamic Brand Strategy solution benefit by developing a brand strategy that improves citizen engagement and participation.


Clients include:

  • Community Foundation of Singapore
  • National Youth Council
  • National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)


Corporate organisations using the Dynamic Brand Strategy solution can improve business performance through better decision making and improved marketing effectiveness.


Clients include:

  • FundedHere
  • Samsui Supplies and Services
  • Unilever


Social organizations using the Dynamic Brand Strategy solution can do more with less with using a process that helps measure real time impact of their brand.


Clients include:

  • Jia Foundation
  • Orchestra of the Music Makers

Client Testimonials

"Be An Idea is genuinely interested in making a difference and applying their marketing expertise to helping their clients succeed. When FundedHere first started in Singapore, we knew we needed our brand to stand for something in people’s minds. The team helped us unlock a unique brand positioning that helped us stand out in a crowded marketplace but still had human truths at its heart… If you believe in people-first brands, you want Be An Idea."

Cheryl Chong, FundedHere

We engaged Be An Idea for their marketing expertise. Their Collaborative Briefing Session helped to bring clarity to our organisation at a time when we were re-thinking our branding and marketing approach. We also worked with them to boost the marketing and fundraising capabilities of charities through a series of interactive workshops. Participants’ feedback was positive! Glad to have worked with Be An Idea, and to recommend them to others looking for marketing support.

Candice Kang, Community Foundation Singapore

Be An Idea is our go-to partner-in-crime whenever we want to launch projects tackling societal problems that no one else dares to go near. The team’s research work for Jia Foundation has always been rigorous, and ensures that we understand unknown fields, complexities and nuances of issues before we work to find solutions. Having worked with them on our anti-bullying campaign, I'm impressed and encouraged by the focus and passion they have towards impactful work. It has been a pleasure to share the journey so far, as partners and friends

Rebekah Lin, Jia Foundation

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