Brand conversations should be easier to have.

We believe brand strategy helps your organisation react and stay relevent in a changing world. We know its hard to have a conversation on brands within organisations - your brand is oftentimes intangible and ephemeral. And the people that know your brand and industry the best are your own team as they draw on latent experience and their own innate understanding of where your organisation finds itself.

The difficulty in mining this knowledge makes it hard to gain insights that will lead the organisation forward. Yet meaningful brands successfully engage everyone to contribute to the brand narrative. We help by making brand conversations easier to have.

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Dynamic Brand Strategy

Our Dynamic Brand Narrative solution helps define your brand narrative through a 3-day workshop conducted within your organisation. At the end of three days, we aim to make sure that you have a working brand strategy that you can use immediately. It covers three components – insights, narrative and positioning.



The Knowledge component aims to uncover existing knowledge about your brand by articulating it in a meaningful way so that it can be used to craft a brand narrative.



The Narrative component starts to craft the brand narrative by defining your brand vision and the brand narrative, based on meaningful purpose.



The Positioning component nails down your value proposition to your stakeholders by delivering individual brand positioning statements.

Other brand conversation tools and services


Research tools

Perception Mining

Perception Surveys

Stakeholder Interviews



Dynamic Brand Strategy Express (1 Day)

Meeting Facilitation

Debrief Sessions

Brand Training Rollout

Purpose Workshops

3D Dialogues

* Facilitated using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

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How we facilitate

The workshop components of the Dynamic Brand Strategy are facilitated by a Certified Trainer in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology. We favour this facilitation method over others because it requires 100% participation from attendees, taps into knowledge they don't know they have, and makes for more efficient decision making.

Find out more about the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method here: