Our purpose and mission

Enabling conversations that matter.

We believe meaningful dialogues have the power to create positive change and that’s why we help organisations by designing their conversations to be more fruitful. We do this by planning and facilitating dialogue sessions that foster understanding around complex issues and bring clarity to action planning. We enable conversations that matter.

conversations should be easier to have

Conversations help organisations to engage people and tap into their knowledge capital to make issues clearer and make smarter decisions. Yet all too often, the conversations that matter involve concepts that are complex and ephemeral making it hard to see how these exchanges yield anything of value to them beyond “just talking”. We feel that conversations should be easier to have and that’s why we provide tailored solutions that help facilitate conversations from internal team workshops to external dialogues sessions using different facilitation methods.

Who we work with

While we believe everyone can benefit from having better conversations, we prefer working with those organisations that are seeking to make positive change happen on a human and community level. As long as our team feels there is an alignment of values, we’re happy to work with any organisation from the public, social and corporate sector, regardless of size.







Meet the team


Nadim van der Ros
Founder & Principal Consultant

With over 14 years of experience in integrated marketing on both agency and client sides, Nadim has built brand equity for brands spanning a range of industries in countries and cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. Nadim believes in building a better world and helping others to contribute to that vision. As a veteran marketer, he believes in creating shared value that has a measurable social impact. Nadim is also a Certified Facilitator in the LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY® method.


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